Breaking Of Rivalries

This article from USA today states how conference realignment will ruin great college rivalries

Steve Pederson Pittsburgh Athletic Director states”Hopefully, we’ll be able to keep playing,” he says. “Because everything is still new with all this, we don’t know how scheduling will work out. I know fans here would like to keep it going.”

I agree with this article a lot because it states how conference realignment will ruin some of the great traditions and memories our colleges game has to offer. Sure they’ll make more money in the end of it all , but whats sports without true excitement


Killing College Athletics Softly

This movie shows how the shifting of universities between different conferences will deeply effect college athletics. It states that all off the other schools that will be not fortunate enough to join one of these conferences will have a lot of problems to face in the future as the center stage for college sports will take place between these potential 4 power conferences. It also states that all the power conference commissioners want is money and don’t care about the great competitive nature of college sports. The fans will get deeply effect by this and the people that are making these moves just don’t seem to care about their or anyone else’s well being but themselves. Overall i agree with this video very strongly because it shows a lot of powerful images of how some schools will be ruined and the great traditions of upsets and rivalries that fans love will certainly not be the same. The moral message of this video is that if these changes happen, college football will never be the same.

Cash Grab System

NCAA conference realignment is a cash-grab

Over the next few years, all of the colleges will be going under a process known as Conference  Realignment. This video is showing how the process is going to play out over the next couple of years for the structure of the future athletic conferences. It shows that the major conference realignment started with the big ten making moves to get Nebraska and soon all of the others tired to follow to get on their level and make their conference just as powerful. To do this the conferences are trying to track main schools such as Texas and Notre Dame which both have excellent universities, great athletic programs and outstanding fan  bases that would help the conference ratings go up. With a lot of these power schools getting look at by every conference, the rest of these schools are trying to get attached in a package  with the power schools so they are not left out of the big money picture that is going on with the athletic conferences these days .

Domino Effect

Image from Doug Jolleys blog meet me at the 50

This image is basically saying that the conferences that have already moved such as ( Conrado, Nebraska and Texas AM out of the big12 ) are setting the stage for a lot more schools to follow what their doing and move out of their conferences to. I think that this is a great image to show because its show that NCAA athletics is a copy cat league and if a beneficial idea from one university is thrown out there, everyone will be trying to do it as every school is looking for ways to benefit their athletic  programs.

Its all about the Money


 image from Fitness Information Technology

This image is describing how the NCAA conferences are realigning to get more money for the football program as their is potential talk about power conferences that could generate a lot of revenue. I think this is a very powerful image for the state of how schools are thinking about college sports as this shows that they only really care about the money over everything else that goes with college athletics.

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