Cash Grab System

NCAA conference realignment is a cash-grab

Over the next few years, all of the colleges will be going under a process known as Conference  Realignment. This video is showing how the process is going to play out over the next couple of years for the structure of the future athletic conferences. It shows that the major conference realignment started with the big ten making moves to get Nebraska and soon all of the others tired to follow to get on their level and make their conference just as powerful. To do this the conferences are trying to track main schools such as Texas and Notre Dame which both have excellent universities, great athletic programs and outstanding fan  bases that would help the conference ratings go up. With a lot of these power schools getting look at by every conference, the rest of these schools are trying to get attached in a package  with the power schools so they are not left out of the big money picture that is going on with the athletic conferences these days .


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