Killing College Athletics Softly

This movie shows how the shifting of universities between different conferences will deeply effect college athletics. It states that all off the other schools that will be not fortunate enough to join one of these conferences will have a lot of problems to face in the future as the center stage for college sports will take place between these potential 4 power conferences. It also states that all the power conference commissioners want is money and don’t care about the great competitive nature of college sports. The fans will get deeply effect by this and the people that are making these moves just don’t seem to care about their or anyone else’s well being but themselves. Overall i agree with this video very strongly because it shows a lot of powerful images of how some schools will be ruined and the great traditions of upsets and rivalries that fans love will certainly not be the same. The moral message of this video is that if these changes happen, college football will never be the same.


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