Changing College Athletics For The Worst

The 2010 Big 12-Conference football championship game featured number 9 Oklahoma against number 13 Nebraska. This game was highly anticipated as it reunited one of the best rivalries in college football with a BCS spot on the line. The game lived up to all the hype as Oklahoma came back down from 17 to win 23 to 20 . This was just simply another classic in this great rivalry as these two teams meet for the 86th and last time.

Due to conference realignment that is going around in college sports, many great rivalries like Oklahoma and Nebraska will also be destroyed. Conferences are going under realignment right now for the potential of four mega conferences and so that the football teams in these conferences could produce billions of dollars in revenue money both for the schools and the conference.  This is  very wrong for a number of reasons. Some of these reasons include forgetting about the rest of the teams, not caring about academics for the student athletes or not considering how this is affecting great traditions of college athletics.

NCAA falling apart

These are some examples of how college athletics are becoming much more of a business than being concerned about the actual athletic and tradition’s that college football has to offer.

If this happens, one of the major problems that is going to occur is a lot of teams are going to be left out of this process.  look at video and image below to get a picture o how teams are going to be left out

Separating themselves from the NCAA is all for the money in the  end ,which is sad because their not even considering the fact of doing it for the love and passion of the sport.  If fans thought that schools like TCU and Boise State had no chance of making it then, look at their odds now.

In the process of this new looking business, the NCAA is leaving teams out of their scheme; they also managed to ruin the very thing that defined college athletics, which is its tradition. The thing that really separated college sports from any other level was the great traditions that it set forth.

What ever happened to the love for seeing archrivals go head to head in conference? What ever happened to even seeing a top ten team getting knocked off by a unranked team and all the whole stadium going crazy and stormed the field and the joy of the underdog team jumping around like they just won the Super Bowl?

The fans and most of the players certainly still have that feeling but unfortunately the commissioners and the AD’s thought that money was more important and that’s all that matters since they’re the ones holding the cards on this decision.

College football analyst Lee Corso weighed in on the issue when asked about it by saying “I’m a traditionalist. I hate to see those natural rivalries go away. … It doesn’t make any difference where you are its money that is the most important thing. If you go for money, you go for it all. And that’s sad when you have great football teams and rivalries but now it’s all about the money” .

Like Corso many people agree and feel the same way when they’re throwing away rivalries like Oklahoma vs. Nebraska, Syracuse and Georgetown even the backyard brawl between Pittsburgh and West Virginia is now gone.  And don’t forget they’re also ruining the chance of seeing a George Mason or VCU final four run or a Boise St or TCU bowl win on a BCS stage.

Well folks their reason for throwing all this away is money and if that doesn’t say that there all about business then I don’t know what is.

Within the process of doing all of these moves for the revenues and benefits of their football programs, did they ever think about it would affect the other sports. Apparently not a lot since they potentially destroyed conferences that represented 25% of the NCAA basketball tournament last year.

Conference realignment will kill a lot of other sports in many ways if they move to a 4-mega-conference system.  A major example off a sport that will be greatly affected by realignment is basketball. If these 4 mega conferences form the way that their supposed to and separate themselves, then they potentially will leave out  arguably the best basketball program in Kansas and destroy the Big East which has been the best conference by far as of recent.  Again they in the end will be ruining all of the other sports going on now all for making revenue from the football team.

If it wasn’t for money then why would a school like Syracuse move themselves out of the best conference for college basketball with a top ten program, to go to a better football conference with a team that besides last year hasn’t had a winning record since 2001.

A lot of other sports will be faced with the same affects such as woman’s Basketball, Men’s Soccer, Woman’s Soccer, Baseball, Softball and so on and so forth. This truly does show that the NCAA is becoming more of a business because instead of looking out for every sport like they used to, they’re only looking out for one to put more money into their pockets.

Everyone knows that the principle of being a college sport player is to be a student first and athlete second. The slogan that is the very definition of the NCAA is even being bought down by the new NCAA business policies .   This change is getting the students to think about being the spotlight or center stage for the sports picture as opposed to the big picture, which is going to school to get an education.

Academics being ruined over money

A recent study reported by Armen Keteyian showed 41.2 hours of their time to football activity’s per week while only showed to have devoted 38 hours to their academics per week . It also shows that some big time football schools are shown to have a graduation rate for their players at 40% . Seems to be the slogan is changing more to athlete first student second.

Also the realignment of schools is taking away from the academic traditions of conferences. For many years academic reputations have been a important part of college sports and have been a big part of recruiting .That will now be ruined without any meaning to the reputation of academics for these conferences.

Also conference movement is going to cut even more into study time for students with the expansion of the conference out of the region. Now that teams are going to have longer flights to get to places, they’re  going to have to leave earlier which is going to cut into study time and skip classes.

These movements will downgrade students academic performances much more, which leaves me to believe that at this point the NCAA cares much more about money than even academics.

Finally the NCAA more business approach is even changing minds of the role models of the NCAA today such as Commissioners and coaches. Commissioners of conferences were supposed to provide the best opportunities available in our conferences for student athletes of all sports.

Instead all they seem to care about is how much each of them make and how much revenue is coming into the conference.  Right now the average commissioner is getting paid some where around one million dollars and is probably going to make a lot more once realignment is underway.

This is due to the conference networks and playoff system. This new business approach of the NCAA is changing commissioner’s mindsets on the benefit of money instead of making sure that their conference is well run and has great representation among all sports, which was their job in the first place.

It seems like the business like approach has had a domino effect on coaches to and the way they define success.  In the past, coaches were role model and define success throughout hard work and doing the best you can and getting a education. This has been the motto that has continue for many of our coaches up until now. It seems now success for a coach is who makes the most money, gets the best recruits and wins the most games.

In another study conducted  by Armen Keteyian, he showed that 60 current division 1 football coaches are making 1 million dollars or more . As far as recruiting goes in a study also conducted by Armen Keteyian on the top 25 teams this year  it showed that 7% of players on the team had some sort of criminal record and only 2 out of the top 25 teams did a complete background check for criminal records of players.  The new business of winning has now made coaches try to win at any cost by even breaking the principle morals that their supposed to stand for.

In a quote from John Wooden , one of the most famous coaches of all time he says “Success is peace of mind, which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming”

.  This and the many other traditions is what college football used to be defined on until now. All people seem to care about is the money involved with college sports, and it has turned into a business.  This approach is going to ruin everything that the NCAA used to stand for and go against everything college sports believed in. This train wreck is also going to continue at a fast paste because no one is willing to stand up and stop it. Sure in the end of it all college sports might have made more money and   better competition, but what does any of that mean without any Honor, Tradition and Loyalty?


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