Excercise 1

My original story is about the Metro System and comparing how the prices for metro cards here in the Oxford, South West Ohio region compare to other metro systems around the country. The story is relevant to the audience, because in this day and age where transportation by train is becoming more and more relevant for people who have to commute for work, viewers ad audiences would like to know how much they are paying for compared to other regions in the country. When writing this story, I would defiantly make a major point to incorporate all of the interesting differences of prices I find between all of the different metro prices /rates and why it is that. As it does with me, I am confident that the audience would take a strong interest in wanting to learn this and feel the story I write should be written around these statistics . As far as medium and platforms go, I would like to make a strong effort to show major populated cities and areas in comparison to Oxford region. The population comparisons between here and some others areas around the country is very different and would really show a strong message getting the statistics to compare some of these regions in prices for the metro system .



1.What is the difference between an idea/topic & a story?

 A idea / topic  is a theme / main idea that is the center point of a story .  a story is a well organized version of a piece of work that has a beginning, middle  and end as well as a well organized narrative. Often at times, ideas and topics are the thoughts that get a story started

What is a pitch?

A pitch is a thought or a attempt of creating a idea/topic that could be the centerpiece to a story. Before a writing writes a story, he often purposes/pitches many ideas/ topics until they have a main idea to go on

What methods did you use to find your story for Ex #1?

I often thought of / purposed many main ideas to wonder about what I was going to write about and thought what would be the most interesting one to write about

Name at least two additional methods to use in the future. 

 I purpose to think of more ideas to pitch and think of additional detail to be able to make the story more creative for the viewers to see