1.What is the difference between an idea/topic & a story?

 A idea / topic  is a theme / main idea that is the center point of a story .  a story is a well organized version of a piece of work that has a beginning, middle  and end as well as a well organized narrative. Often at times, ideas and topics are the thoughts that get a story started

What is a pitch?

A pitch is a thought or a attempt of creating a idea/topic that could be the centerpiece to a story. Before a writing writes a story, he often purposes/pitches many ideas/ topics until they have a main idea to go on

What methods did you use to find your story for Ex #1?

I often thought of / purposed many main ideas to wonder about what I was going to write about and thought what would be the most interesting one to write about

Name at least two additional methods to use in the future. 

 I purpose to think of more ideas to pitch and think of additional detail to be able to make the story more creative for the viewers to see


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